7​/​11 Was A Part​-​Time Job

by Ugly

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released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Ugly Boston, Massachusetts

4 horny lovers


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Track Name: Trump or Die
Cry loud, ya big baby. tough times when you choose to be lazy. Feelin blue? Woe is you. Adverse Life? You gotta be kidding. Poor poor poor pitiful you, you got an issue today? i got a tissue for you. boo hoo all you do is whine oh well such is life i don't got the time to hear you cry

Don't you think you're acting petty?
Don't you fucking pity me

You're acting kind of pathetic
Track Name: MDH
Hand drenched in glass, and shattered any hope I had. I should've taken warning knowing all good things come to an end. Can't lift my head. Nothing good came from the clouds. I'd rather dig a hole and stick my head deep in the ground.

This city left me broken hearted. What's the point in starting over?
Boston broke me, used & discarded.

Fuck love it's stupid anyway.
Track Name: Liberty & Debt
Born to work and then you die. Damn shame you won't be paid for all that overtime. No job is worth this. Paid to feel worthless.
Break your back or pay your taxes. Bleed while you're at it.
Your sole goal in life is debt. So get this right Federal Reich
Fuck a 10-99
I'm keeping what's mine as mine.
Put a price on your dignity. What's-his-face was wrong when he said Work will set you free.
Track Name: Sleep Til Doomsday
Hoping that my numbers next
Snoring til my final breath
Hit the snooze and wait for death
Sleeping til the end of time
Hate my life I want to die
Told you that I wasn't fine.

Sleeping in til Doomsday ain't as bad as it might sound. At least it's quieter underground.

Don't Wake Me Up

Some R&R thru armageddon tonight.

Being awake's a waste of fucking time.